Finterra Global Plantations has announced its signing of the second phase of planting 500 acres of the highly in demand Paulownia tree. This comes after it successfully completed planting the first phase in a joint venture with United Paulownia Plantation Sdn Bhd..
Sojida Jabborova, once a dentist now a successful entrepreneur by planting paulownia trees, is trying to plant one of the world’s fastest growing multipurpose trees throughout Uzbekistan to lift numerous local rural households out of poverty..
A leading company with blockchain-based Islamic application, Finterra Ventures, through its subsidiary Finterra Global Plantations (FGP), officially marked its collaboration with United Paulownia Plantation Sdn Bhd (UPP) recently..
Finterra Global Plantations has announced its joint venture with United Paulownia Plantation Sdn Bhd (“UPP”), a subsidiary company of Green Afforestation International Network (Gain Green)..
The Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities (MPIC) is now promoting the planting of Revotropix Paulownia, which is a cloned hardwood tree variety, in the country. In stating this, Deputy Minister II Willie Mongin calls upon the farmers…
Satesh Khemlani, Managing Director of Finterra, speaks to @Forest about how Finterra is diversifying into the Paulownia plantation business using latest technology while supporting its Islamic Social Finance goals and offering benefits to environment..
Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM) recently recognised the Paulownia tree as a better prospect for sustainable timber production. The creation of the Paulownia hybrid tree is definitely a long term solution to the non-nature friendly timber yielding practices..
马来西亚合作社(Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia) 看好泡桐(Paulownia)树并认为它能在未来成为我国种植业的“冠军”,还认为目前是种植泡桐树的时机,不仅对环保作用大,也具备成为种植业主流,为国家经济作出贡献,也同时为伐林问题出一份力。..
Astro Awani featured the Paulownia tree in a recent article and echoed the fact that due to its characteristics, the world is starting to explore the economic and competitive advantage it offers as an alternative wood source which can meet timber demands, yet help slow deforestation globally..
Majlis MOU dengan Malaysian Bioeconomy Corporation untuk penanaman pokok Paulownia di tanah seluas 987 ekar di bawah Program Pembangunan Komuniti Bioekonomi (PPKB). Projek ini dijangka untuk menyumbang agak 600,000 meter padu bekalan kayu kepada..
The Edge recently featured Mr EL Law, the CEO of our partner, Gain Green who spoke about how the Paulownia tree is the right alternative wood species that can be used to prevent deforestation while also helping meet both local and international demand for timber..


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where is Finterra Global Plantations office?
Our office is located at
Level 10, Wisma UOA Damansara II
Changkat Semantan
Damansara Heights - 50490
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Does one need to make an appointment to visit your office?
Yes, an appointment is necessary to visit our office.
What are the uses of the Paulownia wood?
Building materials, flooring, furniture, musical instruments, charcoal and decoration items just to name a few. It has a high demand in countries like Japan, China, and India.
What is special about this Paulownia tree?
Our partner, Gain Green, who after years of R&D, has come up with a selected variety of Paulownia, which has ability to grow in tropical climate and be ready for harvest in a short period of just 40 months
Is this opportunity Shari'ah compliant?

This opportunity is Shari'ah compliant.

Who can participate in this opportunity?

Anyone can participate in this opportunity above the age of 18 years old.

How can one participate in this opportunity?
You may reach out to our professional advisors by leaving your contact details on our website.
What documents do I need to submit to participate?
KYC documents, Proof of address, IC / Passport copy, signed consent form along with other necessary agreements
What is the duration of this opportunity?

The duration for this project opportunity is 40 months upon which is matures.