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Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Finterra Global Plantations and its opportunity.


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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

➡️ Our office is located at :
Suite 7-6, Level 7, Wisma UOA Damansara II,
No.6, Changkat Semantan Damansara Heights – 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Yes, an appointment is necessary to visit our office.
FGP is currently involved in the sustainable planting of Paulownia Timber. There are many species of the Paulownia tree. The species being planted in Malaysia is suitable for the tropical climate.

The Paulownia Timber species can be found in many countries like China, Japan, Germany, Bulgaria and others. However, the main difference between that which is being planted in Malaysia is the speed at which it grows. In other countries, the growth to harvest period is significantly much more.
The Paulownia tree which is being grown by us in Malaysia is the World’s fastest growing tree (by Guinness World Record since 2011) and can be harvested in just 40months.

It has numerous characteristics such as being a light hard wood which is aesthetically attractive and flexible to work with. It has low shrinkage, low warp, and is a good sound conductor with the ability to grow in almost any terrain, requiring little maintenance. One if its unique features is that it can regenerate up to 6 times once harvest, saving time and effort on clearing and replanting.

Paulownia also has numerous environmental benefits including the ability to absorb 10 times more carbon dioxide as compared to any other tree and releasing 10 times more oxygen into the environment. It is a non-invasive species that provides soil stability too. 
Our plantations are primarily in Anak Kulim, Kedah, Malaysia.
We have completed the planting of 2000 acres in phases of 500 acres since Oct 2020 and target to complete 10,000 acres by end 2024.
The Paulownia Timber species has multiple uses, some of them are , it is used for the production of plywood, building materials, furniture, decking, wood shavings, wood pulp, musical instruments, handicrafts, wooden crates and boxes just to name a few.
FGP and its partners all support the UNSDG goal 13 for climate change and follows practises that are in line with many of the ESG criteria. We are currently pursuing to get ESG certification.
Yes, our offering is certified shariah-compliant (an added level of compliance) by Salihin Shariah Advisory a Securities Commission licensed advisory.
➡️ Musharakah – Partnership
➡️ Tanazul – Waive
➡️ Wa’ad (promise
All our timber is pre-sold. We have sawmills who have already booked all the timber which will be harvested at an agreed contractual price. The demand for timber is constantly on the rise both locally and internationally.
We pay dividends from the start of your participation, which essentially means you get your dividends from the beginning and need NOT wait until the time of harvest.
This is using the principle of profit equalization and has been confirmed by our reputed external auditors to comply with the standard accounting practices.
Dividends are paid on a quarterly, annual, or end of tenure basis depending on the package you subscribed to.
We arrange Plantation visits to potential investors periodically so that they can see and be briefed about the Trees and the plantation. We have already completed 2000acres and are on our 5th phase of the next 500 acres.
We provide quarterly project updates to all our investors via email containing project updates, photos and videos via our Newsletter.
Our custodian trustee can accept funds in MYR and USD.
Yes, for those who participate using MYR, their dividends and principal will be paid in MYR. For those who participate in USD, their dividends and principal will be paid in USD to mitigate any forex loss.
Our offering is safe. FGP has a contract buy back on all the timber being planted. It also has a corporate guarantee of three times the amount of developing the plantation. We have also done a financial and legal due diligence on our planting partners. The value of the trees is created from the seedling to the tree ready for harvest. In this way the value of the tree grows over time and investors can receive the capital back at the time of harvest.
The total duration of this opportunity is 40months.
Please get in touch with our staff members by leaving your contact details on our online website form or contact any of our expert sales executives.
To prepare:
➡️ Scanned copy of your Malaysia IC or Passport.
➡️ Proof of address

To complete:
➡️ CTOS consent form
➡️ KYC application document,
➡️ Application Form
➡️ Beneficiary details form
➡️ Executed – Term Sheet
➡️ Executed – Subscription agreement
Our plantations are utilising sustainable practises. We do not cut down virgin forest to plant our trees. As a non-invasive species the Paulownia tree is also not a threat to the environment and has multiple characteristics that are beneficial to the environment.
In Malaysia, the dividend pay-outs are Non-taxable.
We have developed a mobile application for investors through which they would be able to view, manage all their investment portfolio through their portable device anytime anywhere.

We are also in the midst of developing technologies to further enhance our overall plantation management. As our parent company is FINTECH, we plan to have all the trees being planted onto the Blockchain to ensure that they can be tracked right up to the time they are harvested and to showcase that they are all farmed sustainably. Its currently work in progress.
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